Dailekhi brother-in-law, presentation on Nepal lok star – watch video


At the time of discussion there are brothers and sisters of the Badi community in Dalilkh, which are found on the road to Jumla Karnali road.  As per the talent of successful social networking, it is a positive response from the country abroad.  At the same time, they have also been picked up in Nepal’s popular reality show Nepal Lok Star.


The brothers who gave adidition from Nepal folk star reality show ‘Adhakhara Adhesion’ have been selected in Edison by affecting the judges Jayanand Lama, Bibi Anuragi, Sunita Dulal and Ramji Khad.  Many people singing ‘Kuffal Gadi Kukkukka’ song of Bolly have crossed the threshold of Nepal folk star. In view of the same age group, the celeb of talents of Badi community has many reactionary views of the Nepali music scene.



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